St Bernard’s High School, Milton Road, SS0 7JS, Bank Supply Teachers 01702 608005 Fax 01702 390201, email

The School are looking to replenish the number of Bank Supply Teachers available that it can contact for either planned or last minute absence.  St Bernard’s is a successful girls’ school from 11-16 with mixed Sixth Form.  If you are a qualified teacher happy to be contacted for occasional work, able to teach to KS3/4 and possible A Level please contact the school and arrange a visit.  All staff are given strong support within the positive ethos of this happy and high performing school  We welcome applications from teachers of all denominations or of none.  The Governing Body is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share in this commitment.  Application via our website   Please contact Mrs Sue Clancy, Executive Assistant to Head Teacher for further information or to arrange a pre-application visit.


Our thanks for all your recent donations of food and clothing.  At this time of the year we think of the vulnerable people in our community, not having a safe place to call home or not knowing where the next meal will come from. HARP have now launched their Christmas appeal – could you sponsor a Christmas meal for £10? They hope to provide 250 meals for homeless and vulnerable people over the festive period. You can do this online at,  leave your donation in the office or give it to Linda Wall.

Christmas Dinner - Sunday 23rd December 2018

Once again this year Sacred Heart Primary School will be hosting Christmas dinner on 23rd December, as it was such a lovely occasion last year, celebrating with some friends old and new.  If you are on your own that day and would like to join us for turkey and all the trimmings then please contact the school office on 534546 to reserve a place. We will be serving dinner about 1pm but will welcome visitors after 11am M.00ass.  If you require transport please advise the office.  Look forward to seeing you, Sally Nutman, friends and family.

Thank you! From Serving the Homeless

The committee of ‘Serving the Homeless’ would like to extend their thanks and Christmas greetings to all who have supported our work this year. With the help of your donations, participation in events and membership of the 200 Club, we have been able to:

Spend £200 per month on fresh meat, milk and cheese to provide meals at all the properties run by HARP, as well as an annual amount of £3,500 for their transition programmes, helping clients learn skills and find work. HARP now house 174 clients.

Collect large amounts of dried foods and clothing and toiletries from participating churches each week to be given to HARP clients.

Provide £1500 for an industrial dishwasher for the night shelter.

Provide £500 to a new initiative, “Off the Streets”

Provide £1000 to Sacred Heart Church, to purchase 20 sleeping bags, bag liners, roll mats, pillows, pillow cases and fleece blankets, set up a new night shelter & £200 worth of underwear.

Provide donations to Oasis Café, Leigh to buy ‘suspended’ meals for the homeless.

Provided £4000 to Southend YMCA for their building programme, £500 to support their Youth Awards and £1000 for new bedding.

Provided Christmas bags of ‘goodies’ to the 40 young people who live at, and are looked after by, Southend YMCA. ( All aged 17-21)                       

In all we have spent £15,000 on your behalf this year.

Our next event is a ‘Sunday‘ Lunch’ by Affinity, at Park View Rooms, Chalkwell,  at 12.30 on Sunday 27th January. Tickets cost £20 and can be purchased by calling Linda Wall, 558217.

Serving the Homeless

Serving the Homeless have recently become one of the charities to benefit from purchases made via Smile.Amazon. If you would like to support us in helping the homeless people of the Southend area and you are a user of Amazon please consider registering with Smile so that a small percentage of your purchase price comes to us. Please select Serving the Homeless from the list of charities and once you have done this, all future purchases will go towards benefiting our cause. If you require further information please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you. Nina.

Parish Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who supports the 200 Club. The results of the November draw are as follows:

1st prize £150 128 Mr J Meek
2nd Prize £100 133 Mrs P Uglietti
3rd Prize   £75 148 Mr I Irwin
4th Prize   £50  199 Mr J McEvoy
5th Prize   £25   33 Mrs S Diggines

The 200 Club continues to provide funds to support the running of the Parish Centre. Forms are available from the back of the church or ring Linda Wall on 01702 558217.

Votive Candle Stands - Health & Safety

We need to be always and ever more conscious of fire risk with candles in the church. To this end, the votive candle stand by the Sacred Heart statue has been modified so that the safer-type night-lights can be placed there. When placing candles on the votive stands, please be very careful. It is safer to place lighted candles towards the back of the stands so that it isn’t necessary to stretch across live flames. Thank you for your vigilance with this.

We Pray for our Sick

Charlotte O’Neil, Ella Williams, David Kislingbury, Janet Weale, Mark Shepherd, Eileen Bines, Frank Bramley, Mark Hartley, Gillian Oldham, Basil Emmerson, Austin Butler, Christine Robinson, John Lavery, Rosemary Bragard, Paul Keane, Rose Craft, Maureen Gooding, Dympna Addecott, Pat Lynch, Christian Ryan, Mike Rubbert, Tina Doveaston, Addi Brady, Ben Wilson, Patricia Fleming, Nicky Wigmore, Brita Irons, Nan Carrit, Eileen Wilson, Patricia Spikin, Sandra Fagan, Edna Wallace, Beryl Dixon, Nick Evans, Vicky Jack, Lyn Gopee, Mary Boyce, Kristin Hallenga, Anne O’Neill, Cheryl Shallis, Anthony McEvoy, Justin Stark, Sheila Netherton, David Blyth, Janet Woods, Lynne Hilkene, June Moncaster, Laura & Anne Breen, Breda Lynch, Maria Clark, Roy Widdecombe, Johanna Lynch, Anthony King, Chas Taylor, Norma McCleverty, Belinda Balazsi, Johnnie Pool, Edward Martin, Joanna Luciani, Pauline Wilsher, Simon Marshall, Kriston Barnes, Hugh Isaacs, Josephine Griggs, Colleen Worley, Dawn Deleigh, Lorraine Hart, Linda Dean, Antonella McConalogue, Eddie McConalogue, Georgina Cornwell, Martha Braun, Wyn McCafferty, Annie Holland, Jane Jowers, Ivor & Joanne Knight, David Clark, Brian Beresford, Rebecca Peake, David Clark, Connor Bourke, Mattia Mollica, Sharon Levill, Bernadette Lane, David Kislingury, Maureen Ward, Irena Solecki, Lanto Bellis, Doreen Troughton, Marguerite Harris, Andrew Exley, Richard Collins, Niqui Denkmayer, Elizabeth McConalogue, Kean Smith, Mick Cordingley and children Thomas Ball, Liam Davis, Albert Chambers, Fergus Grant, Mary Isherwood, Lucy Price, Connie Price & Frazer Gregory.

Please Pray for the Dead on their Anniversaries

Fr William Guinevan, Fr Artur Cowd, Mary McQuaird, Francis O’Neill, Kevin Shanahan, Herbert Marriott, Evelyn Tobias, Ronald Buckley, Patricia Bishop, Andrew Hills, Mary Hurley, Alice Chapman, Miss Parker, Paul Emmerson, Sylvia Walton, Gladys Symons, Mabel Walmsley, John Baigent, Anthony Fleming, Bernard Murphy, Paola Murch, Mary Poole, Peter Robson, Christopher Mabey, Mabel Carter, Francis Brady, Eleanor Dillon, William Smith, Grace Greiner, Veronica Barrett, Cathy Baker, Robert Kirsch, Teresa Euans, Roland Glazebrook, David Middleton & Mario Piacentini.

May their Souls & the Souls of all the Faithful Departed rest in peace.

Third Sunday of Advent - Gaudete

THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT  Sunday 16th December Gaudete Sunday

Saturday 5.30pm Vigil Evelyn Roots, RIP (Anniv)(SR)
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Paul Emmerson, RIP (Anniv)(AE)
9.30am Mass Irena Soleki - Thanksgiving (IS) Gift Mass
11.30am Mass The People of the Parish
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

Monday 17 Feria
9.00am Mass Raymond de Chantilly, RIP (Family)

Tuesday 18 Feria
9.00am Mass Joan Clark, RIP (Anniv) (CH)
5.00pm Body in Church Jack Vesey, RIP

Wednesday 19 Feria
10.15am Requiem Mass Jack Vesey, RIP

Thursday 20 Feria
9.00am Mass Marjorie Worsley, RIP (Anniv) (JC)

Friday  21 Feria
12Noon Mass Bernadette Perry, RIP
2.45pm Requiem Mass Christine Lyons, RIP

Saturday 22 Feria
10.00am Mass Mark Christopher Wilson, RIP (Anniv) (KW)
10.30am-11.30am Exposition & Confession

FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT Sunday 23rd December 

Saturday 5.30pm Vigil All deceased relatives and loved ones of the Bragard  & Underwood Families (RB)
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Tony Nesnas, RIP (Anniv)(S&JC)
9.30am Mass The People of the Parish
11.30am Mass Anthony Comey, RIP (Anniv) (MC)
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

The Sacrament of Penance is available on request
Services from the church are live streamed

Third Sunday of Advent - Gaudete

Third Sunday of Advent - Gaudete

Dear Friends in christ

The joy of the Advent season - highlighted on this Gaudete Sunday - is the closeness of Jesus. His closeness makes Mary rejoice: Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you!  Then His nearness makes the unborn John the Baptist leap in the womb of his mother.  We too will be full of joy if Jesus is present in our lives, if we have not lost Him, if we have not allowed our vision of life to be clouded by lukewarmness in our faith or lack of generosity. To know Christ and live in His company is to have the kind of joy that the Church expresses on this Sunday of Advent.