Third Sunday of Lent

Dear Friends in christ

We hear of the incident when Jesus cleanses the Temple in the Gospel of this Sunday. It was a prelude to the Passion, and is one of those rare moments when Our Lord is filled with a righteous anger for the abuse of His Father's house. This passage from St John reminds us too, of the special and sacred nature of the places where God dwells amongst His people.  Our churches are holy and consecrated, set aside for the specific purpose of worship, so that we may have places on earth wherein we can encounter the living presence of God. The presence of Our Lord in the Tabernacle, in the Blessed Sacrament, makes our Catholic churches places of special dignity. We come into church conscious that we come into the presence of The Lord. This belief moves us to make the genuflection towards the Tabernacle and maintain that sacred silence in which we can encounter God. In a world of noise and chaos, the silence of our churches provides a special haven for us in the storms and trials of life. God is encountered in silence; we grow in silence and we can only really enter into deep communion with God through prayer born of sacred silence. May this Lent help us to be ever mindful of the need for encountering God, especially in the Blessed Eucharist in our churches, and in the silence of prayer, seek Him whom our hearts desire.

This Sunday around forty of our young adults will begin preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation which will be at Pentecost.  Do pray for them, their Sponsors and families, that they will grow in a knowledge and love of the Mysteries of our Faith during these weeks ahead.

We continue this week our Lenten project of Discipleship for Evangelisation; regrettably the session last Tuesday had to be cancelled due to the inclement weather.  Please continue to pray that, despite our poor and often failing human efforts, God may use us as His instruments in the work of bringing others to the knowledge and love of  His name. May we all continue to live a blessed and fruitful Lenten-time.

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