Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in christ

The Epistle at Mass this Sunday is the great hymn of Charity written by St Paul.  He outlines the qualities of Christian charity, without which life lacks its prime and essential ingredient. The most sublime eloquence, and all the good works imaginable would be like the fading reverberation of a gong, lasting for a few moments, and then fading away to oblivion. Without charity, the Apostles says, even the greatest gifts are of little value. Many doctors and scribes knew more about God, much more than the majority of those who accompanied Jesus, about whom it is said that they do not know the law, but all their knowledge was fruitless. They did not understand what was most important - the presence of the Messiah in their midst and His message of understanding, of respect, and of love.

Next Sunday we welcome the Bishop to the Parish who will celebrate the Diocesan Lourdes Mass here at 3pm. This will be the Vigil of the Solemnity of Our Lady of Lourdes and we are privileged that the Bishop wishes to celebrate our Diocesan and Parish Feast with us. There will be a number of others from around the Diocese joining us and it will be our joy to welcome them. On the Monday morning (11th) I shall celebrate the Feast with a Mass in the church at which our Primary School will be present. May we feel the presence of the Mother of God close to us as we prepare for this annual celebration! 

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