We pray for the departed on their anniversaries

Fr Alfred Field, Bp Patrick Casey, Fr John (Jack) Clifford, Fr Joseph Burns, Canon John Byrne, Vera Plummer, May Fazio, Elsie Tyrrell, Phyllis, Collins, Michael MacDermott, Gloria Dickens, Maud Darnell Frank Russell, Edward Armitage, William Cooper, Robert Waller, Mark Solecki, Maureen Leyden, Gerard Tait, Carmel Bridget Abi-Aad, Joyce Reilly, Noel Calnan, May Ferry, Norah Kelly, Wyndham Richards, Mary Abel, Florence White, May Keane, William Moroney, Cissie Burnham, Elizabeth Ray, Peter Griffin, William Gannon, Patricia Robinson & Robert Jones.

May their Souls and the Souls of all the Faithful Departed rest in peace