Year 2, Psalter week 4

Monday 3rd Feria
9.15am Mass Marie O'Donovan RIP

Tuesday 4th St Casimir
9.15am Mass Alma O’Brien RIP (Anniv)

Wednesday 5th Ash Wednesday
9.15am Mass Tony Conlon RIP (Anniv)
12.00pm Mass Neil O’Keefe RIP
8.00pm Mass Holy Souls

Thursday 6th Feria
9.15am Mass Mark Kelly, RIP

Friday 7th Feria
6.30am Thomas Cook RIP
12.00pm CWL Intentions
12.30pm Exposition after Mass until
8.00pm Holy Hour & Benediction

Saturday 8th March Feria
10.00am Mass Terence, Maisie & Eugene Renehan RIP Anniversary
10.30am Exposition and Penance

Confession – the Sacrament of Penance – is also available on request
Holy Rosary is said after morning Mass during the week