Year 2, Psalter Week 4

Monday 13th St Edward the Confessor
9.15am Mass: Ted Hukin, RIP

Tuesday 14th St Callistus I, P, M
9.15am Mass: Brian O'Keefe, RIP 

Wednesday 15th St Theresa of Jesus (Avila) V, D
9.15am Mass: John Young, RIP (Anniv)

Thursday 16th St Hedwig, Rel
9.15am Mass: Dorothy Cole, RIP

Friday 17th St Ignatius of Antioch, Bp, M
12 Noon Mass: Intentions of Evelyn Mackay

Saturday 18th ST LUKE, Evangelist
10.00am Mass Neil O'Keefe, RIP

Confession – the Sacrament of Penance – is also available on request
Holy Rosary is said after morning Mass during the week