We pray for the departed on their anniversaries

Fr Francis Heenan, Canon John Bloomfield, Canon Patrick McKenna, Len Plummer, Anthony Ryan, Hilda Edwards, Walter Burden, Ricky (Lola) Clarke, Lena Austin, Lucien Staw, Eric Tarrant, Niall Cooney, Essie Glauda, Arthur Jackson, Ivy Whiting, Phyliss Sullivan, Patricia Dear, Sibyl Hardy, Gerald Vickers, John Bloomfield, Minnie Fogarty, Brian McInerney, Blodweh Owen, Louise Marsden, Hester Masi, Walter McGune, Melissa Overton, John O'Leary, Elizabeth Hancock,   Marie Thompson, Doreen Clements, Firmina Bailey, Frances Sims, Bill Shanahan, Terence Foley, Gertrude Culley, Doreen Newcombe, Winifred Hughes, Madeline Moroney, Clive Allen, Stephana Gallacher & Evelyn Roots.

May their Souls and the Souls of all the Faithful Departed Rest in Peace