December Week IV and the Christmas Octave

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Saturday 17

5.30pm Vigil Mass Tony Poulton & Anne & Albert Shaves, Deceased
6.30 Exposition & Confession

Sunday 18

8am Mass Paul Emmerson, Deceased, Anniversary
8.30 Confession
9.30 Mass The People of the Parish
10.30 Confession
11.30 Mass Marcia Clarke, Deceased
12.30 Confession
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

Weekday of Advent

Monday 19

9am Mass Rafael Menacho, Deceased, Anniversary
9.30 Confession

Weekday of Advent

Tuesday 20

9am Mass Delia & Michael McHale, Deceased
9.30 Confession

Weekday of Advent

Wednesday 21

9am Mass Bernadette Perry, Deceased
9.30 Confession
8pm Penance Service

Weekday of Advent

Thursday 22

9am Mass Clare Chadwick, Deceased
9.30 Confession

Weekday of Advent

Friday 23

12noon Mass Jim Kennedy, Deceased
12.30pm Confession

Weekday of Advent

Saturday 24

10am Mass Graham & Dympna Addicott, Wedding Anniversary
10.30-noon Confession


The Nativity of the Lord

Saturday 24

5pm Carols
5.30 Vigil Mass Deceased relations & friends of Braggard & Underwood Families
10.30 Carols
11pm Mass The People of the Parish

Sunday 25

8am Mass Private Intention
9.30 Mass Private Intention
11.30 Mass Private Intention

Saint Stephen, the first martyr

Monday 26

10am Mass Intentions of Altar Servers & their Families

Saint John, Apostle, Evangelist

Tuesday 27

10am Mass Alison Shepherd, Deceased

The Holy Innocents, Martyrs

Wednesday 28

9am  Mass Tim & Betty O’Leary, Deceased

Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop, Martyr

Thursday 29

9am Mass Ugo Gardin, Deceased, Anniversary
11am Mass with the Bishop and Seminarians — All welcome

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Friday 30

12noon Mass Steve & Agnes McManus, Deceased, Anniversary

Seventh Day of Christmas Octave

Saturday 31

10am Mass Anna Siani, Deceased, Anniversary