Please Pray for the Dead on their Anniversaries

Fr Thomas O’Connor, Fr Archibald O’Brien, Deacon Sidney Lewis, Canon Aloysius Roche, Fr Gerard Murphy, Robert Bautista, Constance Anne, Christopher Keville, Theresa Daniels, Maria Calame, Amy Cutforth, Eileen Ditton, Grace Angwin, Anthony Warwick, Mary Latham, Mary Asher, Anna McCall,Adolph Figueredo, Mary Keefe, Frank Blaker, Jim Keniry, Mary Wilden, Joseph Mills, Vincent Sullivan, Dominick Fanning, Maire Callanan, William Shanahan, Ernest Tobias, Olive Cale, Rose cook, Amelia Mullins, Anne Florence, Marie Bartley, Violet Nottle, Mary Sobota,
Beau Winter-Myers and Maddalena Forte.