Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday 24th September 

Saturday 5.30pm    Vigil Deceased members of the Young & Hall Families, (LY)
6.30pm–7.30pm    Exposition & Confession

8.00am        Mass Joan Gooding, RIP (TO’B)
9.30am        Mass The People of the Parish
11.30am        Mass Bernadette Dellar, RIP (M&RJ)
5.30pm         Vespers & Benediction

Monday 25         Feria
9.00am               Mass Intentions of Sister Mary Jude, (M&II)

Tuesday 26         Ss Cosmas & Damian, M
9.00am               Mass Rebecca Clarke, RIP (Anniv) (BH)
5.00pm               Body in Church:  Marian Payne, RIP

Wednesday 27    St Vincent de Paul, Pr
10.00am              Requiem Mass Marian Helena Payne, RIP        

Thursday 28        St Wenceslaus, M
9.00am                Mass Jim Monaghan, RIP (JA)

Friday 29             SS MICHAEL, GABRIEL & RAFAEL Archangels
12Noon                Mass Forgotten Souls in Purgatory (JA)

Saturday 30    St Jerome, Pr, D
9.00am            Mass Patricia & John Moon & Valerie Griggs, RIP (SM)

The Holy Rosary is prayed after morning Mass during the week

Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday 1st October

Saturday 5.30pm    Vigil Raymond de Chantilly, RIP (RO’C)
6.30pm–7.30pm    Exposition & Confession

8.00am        Mass Intentions of Bernadette & Derek Timothy
9.30am        Mass The People of the Parish
11.30am        Mass Elpedio Bonggot, RIP (ER)
4.00pm        Mass Latin EF - Private Intention
5.30pm         Vespers & Benediction

The Sacrament of Penance is available on request