Third Sunday of Advent - Gaudete

THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT  Sunday 16th December Gaudete Sunday

Saturday 5.30pm Vigil Evelyn Roots, RIP (Anniv)(SR)
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Paul Emmerson, RIP (Anniv)(AE)
9.30am Mass Irena Soleki - Thanksgiving (IS) Gift Mass
11.30am Mass The People of the Parish
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

Monday 17 Feria
9.00am Mass Raymond de Chantilly, RIP (Family)

Tuesday 18 Feria
9.00am Mass Joan Clark, RIP (Anniv) (CH)
5.00pm Body in Church Jack Vesey, RIP

Wednesday 19 Feria
10.15am Requiem Mass Jack Vesey, RIP

Thursday 20 Feria
9.00am Mass Marjorie Worsley, RIP (Anniv) (JC)

Friday  21 Feria
12Noon Mass Bernadette Perry, RIP
2.45pm Requiem Mass Christine Lyons, RIP

Saturday 22 Feria
10.00am Mass Mark Christopher Wilson, RIP (Anniv) (KW)
10.30am-11.30am Exposition & Confession

FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT Sunday 23rd December 

Saturday 5.30pm Vigil All deceased relatives and loved ones of the Bragard  & Underwood Families (RB)
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Tony Nesnas, RIP (Anniv)(S&JC)
9.30am Mass The People of the Parish
11.30am Mass Anthony Comey, RIP (Anniv) (MC)
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

The Sacrament of Penance is available on request
Services from the church are live streamed