Please Pray for the Dead on their Anniversaries

Fr Donal Donegan, Fr Sidney Williams, Canon Arthur Holmes, Fr Joseph McEntee, Fr Michael Enright, Canon Thomas Smith, Antonio Capone, Mary Ellen O’Driscoll, Kenneth Sigovallan, Doris McEvoy, Cecelia Spendley, Wilfred Walton, Phyllis Osment, Beryl Rombaut, Mary Kyrke-Smith, Anna Coste, George Andrews, Millicent Howell, Albert Cook, Violet Dagnell, Louisa Hucks, Harold Horam, Ellaline Stenfalt, Magdalena Schenbel, George Robertson, Capt France Lionnet, Peggy Ayres, Lucy Richardson (Anderson), Joan Fairchild, George Conridge, Albert Middleton, Clifford Mawer, Gladys Watts, Arnold Kyrke-Smith, Thelma Chambers, Michael Abbott, Dorothy (Dolly) Thorp, Mary Johnson & Gabrielle Eileen Haiser.

May their Souls & the Souls of all the Faithful Departed rest in peace.