Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday 30th Our Lady on Saturday
10am Mass Joseph Hayes, RIP
5.30pm Vigil Mass Intentions of Mary & William McGeoghegan

Sunday 31st January
8am Mass Cornelius Donovan, RIP 
9.30am Mass Geoffrey Lamb, RIP
11.30am Mass The People of the Parish
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

Monday 1st February Feria 
9am Mass Christie Kissane, RIP

9am Mass Intentions of the Corrigan Family

Wednesday 3rd St Anne Line, M 
9am Mass Ann Conneely, RIP (Anniv)

Thursday 4th Feria
9am Mass Barrington Gray, RIP (Anniv)

Friday 5th St Agatha, V, M
12Noon Intentions of CWL

Saturday 6th St Paul Miki andCompanions, Mm
10am Mass Fr John Caden, RIP (Anniv)
5.30pm Vigil Mass Liz Edmonds, RIP

Sunday 7th February
8am Mass Intentions of Benjo Balolong
9.30am Mass The  People of the Parish
11.30am Mass Intentions of Anne Young
4.00pm Mass Peter Griffin, RIP (Anniv) - Extraordinary Form
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction