Year B, Psalter Week 1

Monday 30th Monday in Holy Week
9.15am Mass: Ints of Corrigan Family

Tuesday 31st Tuesday in Holy Week
9.15am Mass: Canon Toft, RIP

Wednesday 1st April Wednesday in Holy Week
9.15am Mass:  Thomas Hennessy, RIP

Thursday 2nd
9.00am: Office of Lauds
8.00pm:  Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Friday 3rd

9.00am:  Office of Readings and Lauds
10.00 am Children’s Way of the Cross
3.00pm Solemn Liturgy of Our Lord’s Passion
8.00pm: Way of the Cross & Benediction

Saturday 4th
10.009.00am:  Office of Readings and Lauds
8.30pm  Easter Vigil &  First Mass of Easter