Sion Community, Brentwood - Work and Pray

We invite you to come and join us for a few days between 18th - 29th June at our centre in Brentwood (Essex, CM15 9BX) and take the opportunity to spend some time with us in prayer and experience living in our Community, as well as helping us by doing a variety of manual jobs around the building and gardens.  It would be great if you could come along, please contact: 
Mary on  / 01277 215011.

St Bernard’s High School - A Catholic Academy for Arts and Science

St Bernard’s High School Open Morning – 21st June 2018, 10.30am-12.30pm

Are you a qualified teacher with availability to teach at St Bernard’s High School on an ad-hoc basis?  Please come along to our Open Morning on Thursday 21st June for Tea and Cake, where you will be given the opportunity to see our school in action.  Please contact Mrs H Bennett, Assistant Head Teacher either on 01702 343583 or email  to advise that you will be attending or for further information.  We look forward to meeting you.

Requirements for a valid Catholic Marriage

There are three basic requirements for a valid Catholic wedding:

The couple must be capable of being married—that is, they must be a woman and a man who are free of any impediment that would prevent marriage.

The couple must give their consent to be married — that is, by an act of their will they irrevocably give and accept one another in order to establish marriage (Canon 1057).

They must follow the canonical form for marriage—that is, they must be married according to the laws of the Church so that the Church and the wider community will be certain about the validity of their marriage.  Failing to follow these requirements would mean that we are not free to receive the Sacraments until the marriage is convalidated i.e. made valid by the church.

Impediments to marriage

First, both people must be capable of being married and free of any impediment (obstacle) that would prevent marriage. Some impediments to marriage include:

Age: Both persons need to be old enough to contract marriage according to the local civil laws. (The Church has a minimum age requirement as well; see Canon 1083.)

Previous marriage: You cannot marry someone else if you are already married. 

Relatives: You cannot marry someone who is already your relative (Canons 1091-1094).

Reason: Anyone who is incapable of understanding what marriage is and the responsibilities that come with it (because of mental impairment, for instance) cannot enter marriage (Canon 1095).

Fear: No one can be forced into marriage, either directly or because of some "grave fear" (Canon 1103).

Parish Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who supports the 200 Club. The results of the April draw are as follows:

1st prize £150  - 82 Mrs J Lewis     
2nd Prize £100  - 161 Mrs L Maguire
3rd Prize £75 - 11 Mr Joseph O’Brien
4th Prize £50  - 145 Mr G Hookway
5th Prize £25  - 185 Mrs E Humpage

The 200 Club continues to provide funds to support the running of the Parish Centre. Forms are available from the back of the church or ring Linda Wall on 01702 558217.

Annual Collection for our Sick and Retired clergy - 2nd/3rd June

The Sick & Retired Clergy Fund is part of the Diocesan Charity which helps and supports our retired and sick clergy.  As a Charity we rely on the generosity of the Parishes and individual donations to keep the Fund in a healthy state.  Another valuable means is by including a bequest in your Will; a Form of Bequest can be found on page 36 of the Brentwood Diocesan Directory.  Your generosity through donations, the annual collection and bequests is greatly appreciated.

Sacrament of Confirmation

We offer our prayerful good wishes to those confirmed last Sunday during the Mass of Pentecost.

Sean Auton, Rocio Ayerbe, Erin Barrett, Louis Bibby, Sophia Blackburn, Anna Daly-English, Grace de Rozario,  Christine Federmann, Amy Fox, Harrison Frost, Conor Gibbons, Sophia Haiser, Emma Harris, Gemma Hobson, Alysia Kean, Jacob Kwasnica, John Lambert, Francis Leftley, Thomas Mason, Rachel McEwan, Mia Mullin, Mia Perry, Hannah Phipps, William Russell, Eleanor Seymour, Samuel Skedge, Reuben Sleigh-Johnson, Aislinn Slough, Daniel Stobart, Lucy Thomas, Archie Twine and Caitlyn Walton.

We Pray for our Sick

Joseph Martin, Christine Robinson, Rosemary Bragard, Mark Wilson, Noel Kolby, John Lavery, David Gurney, Paul Keane,Maureen Gooding, Mabel Addecott, Christian Ryan, Mike Rubbert, Teresa O’Brien, Maureen Deekes,  Noel Fagan, Tina Doveaston, Pat Lynch, Rose Craft, Addi Brady, Ben Wilson, Patricia Fleming, Nicky Wigmore, Brita Irons, Eileen Wilson, Patricia Spikin, Sandra Fagan, Edna Wallace, Beryl Dixon, Nan Carrit, Nick Evans, Vicky Jack, Lyn Gopee, Mary Boyce, Kristin Hallenga, Anne O’Neill, Cheryl Shallis, Anthony McEvoy, Justin Stark, Sheila Netherton, David Blyth, Dympna Addecott, Janet Woods, Lynne Hilkene, June Moncaster, Laura & Anne Breen, Breda Lynch, Maria Clark, Roy Widdecombe, Johanna Lynch,  Sheila McBrearty, Anthony King, Chas Taylor,Norma McCleverty, Belinda Balazsi, Johnnie Pool, Edward Martin, Joanna Luciani, Pauline Wilsher, Simon Marshall, Kriston Barnes, Hugh Isaacs,Josephine Griggs, Colleen Worley, Dawn Deleigh, Antonella McConalogue, Fr Jean Laurent Marie, Eddie McConalogue, Georgina Cornwell, Lorraine Hart, Wyn McCafferty, Linda Dean, Annie Holland, Martin Buckley, Martha Braun, Jane Jowers, Ivor & Joanne Knight, Brian Beresford, Rebecca Peake, David Clark, David Askew, Connor Bourke, Mattia Mollica, Sharon Levill, Bernadette Lane, David Kislingury, Maureen Ward, Irena Solecki, Lanto Bellis, Doreen Troughton, Marguerite Harris, Andrew Exley, Rosemary Arscott, Richard Collins, Niqui Denkmayer, Elizabeth McConalogue, Kean Smith, and children Thomas Ball, Liam Davis, Albert Chambers, Fergus Grant, Mary Isherwood, Lucy Price, Connie Price, Frazer Gregory, baby Talia Emery and Hattie Seymour.

Please Pray for the Dead on their Anniversaries

Fr John Timmins, Bp John Petit, Canon Eric Goldingay, Fr Donald Clover, Elizabeth Newton, Thomas O’Malley, Richard Bird, Leonard Brockhurst, Neil & Joan MacMillan, Mildred Jackson, Angela Edwards, Iolanda Peretti, Edith Young, Dr Denis O’Riordan, Clarice Wheeler, Mildred McHattie, Vera Waelend, Sebastian De Souza, Mabel Hooper, Joseph Mulline, Odilia Duhig, Stephanie Horwood, Kit Nafziger, Dr Nigel Warburton, Stella Mary Hale, Jonas Acton, Ida D’Eath and Dorothy Winyard.
May their Souls & the Souls of all the Faithful Departed rest in peace.

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

Dear Friends in christ

Pentecost is the Day on which the Church came into existence. From the Mount of the Ascension, the Apostles with Mary, gathered in prayer so that the Holy Spirit would fill them with the courage and fortitude needed to announce the Good News of Jesus Christ.  What is this Good News? It is the Gospel which gives meaning, direction and purpose to life on earth; it is the Good News that proclaims Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and wants us to be with Him in Heaven.

Pentecost Sunday

PENTECOST SUNDAY - Sunday 20th May

Saturday 5.30pm    Vigil Ann Campbell RIP, Ann Campbell Snr RIP, Carole Campbell, RIP
6.30pm–7.30pm    Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Gwendoline Underwood, RIP (RB)
9.30am Mass Patrick Murphy, RIP (EC)
11.30am Mass Confirmation Mass - The People of the Parish
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

Monday 21 Mary, Mother of the Church
9.00am Mass Jonathan Grindley, RIP (KH)

Tuesday 22 St Rita of Cascia, Rel
9.00am Mass Intentions of Dr Charlie O’Donnell (MPG)

Wednesday 23 Feria
9.00am Mass Deceased members of the Siani Family (RB)    

Thursday 24 Our Lord Jesus Christ the Eternal High Priest
9.00am Mass Intentions of Rosemary Mann, RIP (RM)

Friday 25 St Bede the Venerable, Pr, D
12Noon Mass John & Pat Moon & Valerie Griggs, RIP (SM)        

Saturday 26 St Philip Neri, Pr
10.00am Mass Intentions of Brett Mackay (SD)
10.30am-11.30am     Exposition & Confession


Saturday 5.30pm Vigil Alfredo Tisi, RIP (LO&GB)
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Adrian Dann, RIP (MD)
9.30am Mass Barbara Sheaf, RIP (CH)
11.30am Mass The People of the Parish
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

The Sacrament of Penance is available on request

St Helens to St George's Sponsored Walk for the BCCS and CAFOD 'Share the Journey'

The annual parish to parish sponsored walk to raise funds for the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society (BCCS) takes place on Saturday 2nd June. We will gather at St Helens for 10am Mass, and set off afterwards around 10.45am with Father Joseph for an approximate five and a half miles walk along the seafront to Shoeburyness where we will finish the walk with refreshments in the parish hall at St George's after midday.  All participants will receive a certificate at the end from Julie of the BCCS. 

To take part, to receive registration and sponsor forms, and for more information, please contact Damian of the Knights of St Columba (07887 678741 /  Registration is free, and any sponsorship raised will go direct to the BCCS.  This year we will be combining the walk with the CAFOD Share the Journey campaign to show solidarity with refugees to count the miles we walk collectively, and to sign a card to go to the Prime Minister calling for agreements to be made at the United Nations for refugees and migration.  

Visit for more information. We hope you can join us to support these two causes this year.