Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in christ

As many of us begin the long summer break this week, the Gospel image of Jesus looking out upon us with compassion, is perhaps a good image to keep before our eyes. As we take time away from our normal work, school and home routines, we can never forget that we are under the constant gaze of Jesus. May all our time here on earth give glory to God so that we never forget to put Him first, and especially each week in the Mass, which should be the centre and motivating source of all that we do and are.

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday 5.30pm Vigil Teresa O’Brien, RIP (SW)
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Intentions of Sean & Josie Gavin (AC)
9.30am Mass Intentions of Bridget Jones & Family (AT) 
11.30am Mass The People of the Parish
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

9.00am Mass Bella Baynes, RIP (AC)

Tuesday 24 St Charbel Makluf, Pr
9.00am Mass Alf Campbell, RIP (AS) 

Wednesday 25 ST JAMES, Ap
9.00am Mass Danny O’Sullivan, RIP (M&MO’D)

Thursday 26 Ss Joachim and Anne, Parents of the BVM
9.00am Mass Canon Francis Gilbert, RIP (FM)

Friday 27 Feria
12Noon Mass Tony Fitzmaurice, RIP (J&FO’B)

Saturday 28 Saturday Memorial of BVM
10.00am Mass Kathleen Heraty, RIP (AMC)
10.30am-11.30am Exposition & Confession


Saturday 5.30pm Vigil The People of the Parish
6.30pm–7.30pm Exposition & Confession

8.00am Mass Alison Shepherd, RIP (CH)
9.30am Mass Theresa Yates, RIP (MW) 
11.30am Mass Intentions of the Lambert Family (LL)
5.30pm Vespers & Benediction

The Sacrament of Penance is available on request

Sea of Voices Community Choir

Our Community Choir takes its summer break after 25th July and also says farewell to our choir director Alice who will be going to Goldsmiths Hall in September to start her degree.  Past and present choir members are invited to our farewell presentation to Alice on Wednesday 25th July from 7.45pm onwards.  The choir starts back in early September with Adam Carstairs as our new director. New members will also be very welcome to join us!  Any enquiries to Darrell Binding, 07825686249.

Parish Library

We now have a parish library! A collection of religious tomes have been installed in the Bernadette Room of the Parish Centre for your edification and enjoyment!

There is quite a range of books, from biographies of Saints like St. Thomas More, John Fisher, St. Teresa of the child Jesus and St. John of the Cross and notable figures in the Church, books on the liturgy and spiritual theology as well as a good number of papal encyclicals and reference books like the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Have a look next time you have a question!

Father Fiacra

A dinner has been booked for Wednesday 26th September at Il Padrino’s in Westcliff.  This will be for the benefit of Father Fiacra and his mission.  Many will remember Father Fiacra from his visits to St Peters whenever he returned to the UK from Malawi.  The cost of the two course meal will be £15, which will include a donation to Father Fiacra.  I know that you will be happy to support him.  I do hope you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you.  Please call John or Louise Gloyne on 01702 332694 or email

Parish Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who supports the 200 Club. The results of the June draw are as follows:

1st prize    £150         24        Mrs M Maguire
2nd Prize  £100         79        Mr G Dillon
3rd Prize   £75           34        Mrs J Allard
4th Prize   £50         104        Mr C Regan
5th Prize   £25           91         Mrs M Foyster

The 200 Club continues to provide funds to support the running of the Parish Centre. Forms are available from the back of the church or ring Linda Wall on 01702 558217.

The Catholic Mothers Apostolate

The Catholic Mothers Apostolate is offering a retreat for teen girls and their mums.  Join them at Aylesford Priory in October for a day dedicated to learning more about women’s issues, including what it means to be a Catholic woman; how to improve mother-daughter communication; how fertility affects our lives at every stage; and how to grow in the faith. 

Mums and daughters will have plenty of time to talk through the issues together and build their relationship, as well as meet other Catholic mothers and daughters. Tickets are £120 per mother-daughter pair, with an Early Bird rate of £100. Visit  for more details.

Summer Lourdes 2018 – the “virtual pilgrimage”

From Tuesday 24th to Saturday 29th July the Brentwood Catholic Youth Service (BCYS) will present short online videos allowing you to catch the flavour of the Diocesan pilgrimage, led by Bishop Alan. The homily from each Mass, interviews with pilgrims from all ages, and clips to help you pray and reflect will all be available. To find the links, go to  or find BCYS on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can also watch “Lourdes TV” to see Mass at the Grotto (Tuesday 24th, 7.30am UK time); the Torchlight procession (Tuesday 24th, 8.00pm) and the Blessed Sacrament Procession (Wednesday 25th, 4.00pm) as well as Tour de France, starting from Lourdes (Friday 27th, 8am – 11am). 
The link is 

Gift Aid

Last week we received a substantial donation in the collection in a white envelope.  This was marked “Gift Aid please”.  We are unable to reclaim tax unless we have full details of the donor.  There are white envelopes that can be used for this purpose at the back of the church.  If the donor would like to complete one of the envelopes and return it to the office we will, of course, reclaim the tax.