We pray for the departed on their anniversaries

Fr John Joyce, Fr Thomas O’Connor, Fr Archibald O’Brien, Deacon Sidney Lewis, Amy Read, John Armstrong, Doreen O’Leary, Alice McGiff, John McCarthy, Ernest Treston, Eleanor Walsh, Veronica Collins, Mark Bragard, Michael Fitzgerald, Maire Beckwith, Douglas Ellegard, Ernest Bullock, Anthony Hillier, Peggy Stevenson, Deyanovitch Branko, Hugh McHattie, Leo Farge, Elizabeth Callow, Vera Thompson, Christopher Purcell, Robert Bautista , Mrs Constance Ann, Theresa Daniels, Maria Calame, Amy Cutforth, Eileen Ditton, Grace Angwin, Anthony Warwick, Mary Latham, Mary Asher, Anna McCall, Adolph Figueredo, Mary Keefe & Jim Keniry.

May their Souls and the Souls of all the Faithful Departed Rest in Peace