Parish Centre

Now that the Parish Centre is open and available for the use of the Parish, it is  important that we all respect the fabric of the building and the environment of the site. 

There are parking spaces for fourteen cars (including one disabled) which are  clearly marked by the contrasting stonework; please park carefully within these bays and do not double-park or block others in.  The area outside of the West doors of the church is not a place for parking and should be kept clear at all times.  Please do not drive across the path/walkway to access or exit the car park; use only the designated opening beside the first house in Marguerite Drive.

Lavatory facilities are available in case of necessity during Mass within the Centre through the first door on the left as you enter; the facilities to the rear of the Sacristy should now no longer need to be used.  

When accessing the Centre from the church, please use the cloistered walkway at all times for reasons of pedestrian safety.

Within the Parish Centre the main floors are laid with high quality oak;       inappropriate footwear will damage them!

Please respect all of the fabric of our new building which will ensure that repairs and maintenance can be kept to a minimum.  

The Parish Centre Committee