Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Dear Friends in Christ

Thanksgiving to God and gratitude to each one of you  are my prevailing sentiments at this time.  The Opening last Sunday of our new Parish Centre was the fulfilment of many aspirations and the summation of almost ten years of prayer, planning and fundraising.  I believe we all experienced the wonderfully joyful atmosphere which the Parish Family generated last weekend.  The Bishop in his Address highlighted how, after the celebration of our Centenary last year, this Parish can be proud of achieving a building project which was not only ambitious but complements the existing architecture of our church,  This is in no-small-measure thanks to the excellent Team that has worked together over these years: from the Architect to the Builders; too many to mention and record here.  The main contributors are recorded in the Order of Service booklet (additional copies of which are available from the Parish Office) and also on the dedication plaque  which is situated on the wall of the loggia outside of the Saint Clement Room.  

The Bishop reminded us also, and above all, that if the purpose of our Parish Centre can be expressed in a sentence, it is: To continue the mission of the Church.  This means that, through our wise and prudent use of the resources God has given us, we can make the face of Christ and His Church better known and loved in our area.  I am sure that we will do this now with the new Centre and above all respect the fabric of the building treating it at all times with care and attention.  A great deal of detail has gone into the planning of the Centre and it is now down to the Parish Family to use it well for the glory of God and the extension of the Church.

I am most grateful to all those who played any part in the celebrations last Sunday - liturgical and social - (again, too many to mention individually) and to all those of you who, down the years, have supported this project by your prayer and support both financial and practical.  For me, last weekend was a real Nunc Dimittis moment!

God bless you all!

Fr Kevin Hale