Parish Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who currently supports the Parish 200 Club. This month’s winners are:

             1st prize            £150                    11                    Mr J O’Brien

             2nd Prize           £100                  185                    Mr J Kidney

             3rd Prize             £75                  163                    Mr K Wall

             4th Prize             £50                  178                    Mr Antonio Tisi

             5th Prize             £25                  174                    Mrs S Lawford

The 200 Club has been, and still is an important part of the fundraising for our new parish hall and provides a steady monthly income. Over the past few months numbers have fallen and we would like to reach our ‘200 member’ target again.

Subscription is £5.00 per month, either by cash, cheque or direct debit. If you would like to join, please fill in a form which can be found at the back of the church or ring Linda Wall on 01702 558217.