Palm Sunday of the Passion


Dear friends in Christ

We are beginning Holy Week, the most important week of the Christian calendar.  During these days we shall trace the final days and hours of our Saviours’ life, death and resurrection.  We do not do this as we would when watching a Passion play, or a piece of theatre, or as reading an historical novel; the power of the Holy Spirit working in the Church actually makes present again those saving events.  We can truly claim that we sit with the Apostles at the Last Supper, we take our place in the crowd on the Way of the Cross, and with the holy women on Easter Day witness the Risen Lord. We can treat this Week as a mini-retreat for ourselves if we are prepared to spend it with our Lord, in the liturgy, and in personal prayer and devotion.  Let us not allow these days to pass-by-us without profound effect, so that we can carry into the days of Eastertide all of the good that we have tried to achieve this Lent.

As in previous years I am edified by the great numbers who have been coming to Mass during the week, especially on Friday morning; the children were exemplary in their attendance and participation!  Also for the wonderful turn-out each week for the Deanery Evenings of Recollection; our Speakers themselves - on the Call to Holiness - were very impressed each week!  I also thank all who participated in the Marriage Preparation Course during the last month; the thirty couples, with our Marriage Team, wonderfully collaborated together in a joyful reflection on Christian Marriage.

I make a point of not preaching on Palm Sunday.  This is because I believe that the Passion narrative speaks for itself and if we listen to it with a living faith and personal devotion, we will be moved to spend this final Week of Lent in the spirit of Mary and the Saints.

God bless you!

Fr Kevin Hale