Parish Centre

Now that the new Parish centre is in full use, I thought it would be an appropriate time to let you have some information on the cost of the project and details of the funds raised so far.

To date, we have spent £1,195,149 on the project. There is a balance due to the builders of approximately £62,060 but part of that amount will not be payable until February/March next year.  This means that the project will come out at a costing in the region of £1,257,209.  This figure, by the way, includes the cost of fitting out the centre.

On the fundraising side, the Parish has raised £1,010,482 to date.  This means that there will be a shortfall of £246,727 which still needs to be raised to ‘balance the books’.  That said, let me assure you that the Parish does not have any current debt at the present time.  This is because, at the outset of the project, we had built up sufficient cash reserves which have been used during the last nine years.  However, I think you will agree, it would be prudent to try and re-establish those reserves which will mean the continuation of fund raising.  We were not helped in any way with loans from the Diocese.  You have all been very generous so far and I know you will continue to be so in the future.  To this end, there will be further fund raising events and appeals details of which will be published from time to time.  The Diocese have recently completed it’s quinquennial review of the Parish properties and  this sets out the repairs which need to be carried out to the Parish buildings over the next five years. This will entail further expenditure to be met by the Parish;  another reason to continue with our fundraising.

Finally, I would remind you that we shall soon be constructing the outdoor Altar in the Memorial Garden which can be used on significant days throughout the year for Holy Mass, Benediction and Processions; it will be adorned with a mosaic (the work of the same local Studio that created the one mosaic in the Parish Centre).  If anyone would like to make a donation towards the cost of this Altar, please would you have a word with me.  Cheques should be made payable to Catholic Church, Leigh.  Above all, thank you for your continued and generous giving for all the works of the Parish.

Fr Kevin