On Saturday August 9th there will be a street collection in Leigh to help raise   money for the running costs of HARP - the local charity which helps the homeless in our Borough.   As a volunteer fund raiser for this worthy charity I am organising the collection and am trying to recruit some helpers to stand in the Broadway - we will be standing on the crossing area near St Clements Church and the collection runs from 10.30am until 4.30pm with collectors (2 at a time) standing wearing HARP tops and holding a HARP collection tin for an hour each.

I know that Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is a big supporter of HARP, as is Father  Kevin, so if anyone is willing to spend an hour helping I would be very grateful if you could contact me so I can make up a rota.  Please indicate what time would suit you best and if there is anyone you would like to be with. There will be at least one official HARP official there to answer questions about how HARP functions etc.  My contact details are: Niqui Denkmayer - 01702475739 / 07707606411