Year 2, Psalter Week 3

Monday 14th St Camillus de Lellis, Pr
9.15am Mass: Patrick Dann, RIP 

7.30pm Mass: Year 6 School Leavers 

Tuesday 15th  St Bonaventure, Bp, D
9.15am Mass Mr Mal Smith (RIP)

Wednesday 16th Our Lady of Mount Carmel
9.15am Mass Michael Dillane, RIP

Thursday 17th Feria
9.15am Mass Andrew Michael Regan, RIP (Anniv)

Friday 18th Feria
12Noon Mass Intentions of Blake Mackey & Victoria Dann

Saturday 19th Our Lady on Saturday
10.00am Mass Berti Rooke-Ley, RIP (Anniv)

Confession – the Sacrament of Penance – is also available on request
Holy Rosary is said after morning Mass during the week