Nineteenth Sunday of the Year


Dear friends in Christ

The Word of God this Sunday tell us that we must trust in God at all times.  Both Elijah in the First Reading, disheartened on Mount Horeb, and St Peter sinking on the lake, remind us that we must unconditionally trust that He is there.  If like them, at times we feel out of our depth and that we are sinking, we could say with Peter: Lord, save me or I shall perish!  St Augustine says:  We should not forget that God does not demand the impossible.  Instead, when he makes a request, he asks that we do what we can do, that we ask for what we cannot do, and for His help to carry it out.  Indeed, we are given certainty by God that whatever we undertake for Him, even with all the difficulties and misunderstandings that may surround anything, we have Him with us continually.  St John Chrysostom in a Homily writes: He has guaranteed His protection.  I do not depend on my own strength, I have in my hands His written Word.  This is my strength, my certainty, my tranquil haven.  Even if the entire world is shaken, I read the written word I carry with me, for it is my fortress, my defence.  And what does this Word tell me?  ’I will be with you until the end of the world,’ it says.  Christ is with me.  What shall I fear?  Let the waves of the sea and the fury of the powerful come upon me.  That will not weigh me down any more than a spider’s web.  

I hope that many of you are continuing to have an enjoyable Summer month and that if you are travelling you may have a safe journey, a time of refreshment, and return renewed to continue your work and vocation.  Every blessing!

Fr Kevin Hale