Year 2, Psalter Week 3

Monday 6th St Bruno, Pr
9.15am Mass: Dorothy Cole, RIP

Tuesday 7th Our Lady of the Rosary
9.15am Mass: Peter Green, RIP 

Wednesday 8th St Osyth, Rel
9.15am Mass: Intentions of the Corrigan Family

Thursday 9th St Denis, Bp & Comps, Mm
9.15am Mass: Cecil Compton, RIP

Friday 10th St Paulinus of York, Bp
12 Noon Mass: Zoe Conroy, RIP

Saturday 11th Ss Ethelburga, Hildelithe and Cuthburga, Rel
10.00am Mass James Fairchild, RIP (Anniv)

Confession – the Sacrament of Penance – is also available on request
Holy Rosary is said after morning Mass during the week