Youth Group

Fr. Kevin hopes to shortly start a bi-weekly youth group in the parish.  The idea of this group would be to combine pizza and fun with an opportunity to discuss life issues in a way which provides solid Catholic formation.  The format for the evenings might be a talk, followed by a discussion, followed by pizza. We would hope that the group would also provide a conduit for greater involvement with the Diocesan Youth Service and Diocese wide events.  We want to put our young people in an environment where they can recognise Catholic culture lived out by other young people.  We would like to provide an opportunity for our youth to deepen their attachment to Catholic culture by visiting some of the wonderful Catholic places close to us in order to discover our heritage in terms of recusancy, pilgrimage, and prayer.

We would hope the group would benefit from our experience working with young people, our passion for our Catholic faith, and our desire to evangelise.  It would be aimed roughly at Confirmation age young people, perhaps to provide a forum of faith for them after they are Confirmed.  If you are interested in getting involved in this as a leader, please come along to a meeting in the Parish Centre on Monday at 7:30pm.