First Sunday of Lent

Dear friends in Christ

We began these holy days of Lent last Wednesday with the annual reminder of our mortality.  If we reflected on the sentiments of the liturgy, as the ashes were placed upon our heads, we would know that these are some of the most important words that we shall ever hear.  Lent reminds us of our mortality; but even more importantly it reminds us of the great dignity we are called to live here and now.  As always at this time, I exhort you to live with faith and piety these Forty Days of inner grace and renewal.

For many souls throughout the Church, the period of Lent is one of final and intensive preparation for the first reception of the Sacraments at Easter: many within our Parish Family will be admitted to Baptism, Reception into the Church, Confirmation and Holy Communion.  This Sunday afternoon, eighteen Parishioners will attend the Rite of Election in Brentwood Cathedral where they will be presented to the Bishop for prayer and blessing.  Do remember them during these days of Lent that, they may come to a fuller understanding of the Truth and see in Christ and the Church the means of grace and salvation.  

May we all continue the pilgrimage we have begun with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for the God who has loved as so much as to take upon Himself our human nature, suffer and die for us.  God bless you all in this Lent!

Fr Kevin Hale