Second Sunday of Lent


Dear friends in Christ

Every Second Sunday of Lent we hear the account of the Transfiguration of our Lord.  Jesus had just told the Apostles of his forthcoming rejection, trial and Passion, and they were devastated by this prediction.  So, to comfort them, give them courage, and help them believe in Him, He takes his three closest friends up Mount Tabor, and in a moment which seems removed from earthly time and space, shows them who He is: God’s only Son, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  This same faith encourages us too, when, faced with the trials of life, we often lose a sense of purpose in what we are doing here on earth.  

I would encourage you during these days of Lent, to use the various opportunities provided for us to grow in prayer and faith.  In particular the extra times of Mass and devotions and the Evenings of Recollection in Nazareth House around the themes of Marriage and Family Life with an eye to the Synod of Bishops in Rome next October.

Last Sunday some eighteen members of the Parish Family were presented to the Bishop - along with several hundred others from around our Diocese - as candidates for the Easter Sacraments.  Please keep them and their Sponsors in your prayers during these last days of their preparation.

I thank those of you who responded to my recent request for an earlier weekday Mass (Monday-Thursday); there appears to be a unanimous consensus that the slightly earlier hour of nine o’clock would be convenient.  Therefore, I am proposing that, starting after Easter, the morning Mass will commence at 9.00am.    With every blessing!

Fr Kevin Hale