Third Sunday of Easter

Dear friends in Christ

St Justin writing in the second century says: On Sundays there is an assembly of all those who live in the towns or in the country.  This is the first day, on which God transformed darkness and matter and made the world; the day on which Jesus Christ our Saviour rose from the dead.  The Jewish Sabbath gave way to the Christian Sunday from the beginning of the Church and from then on, every Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection.   This season of Easter lasts for fifty days until Pentecost; it is a continuous celebration of the Risen Christ.  Each and every Sunday is a mini-Easter Sunday in which we are meant to experience the profound joy of the Resurrection of Jesus.  The Church lays upon us the serious obligation of celebrating the Lord’s Day with Holy Mass, by resting from unnecessary work, and by spending time reflecting on our Faith and with our families and loved-ones.  The Day of Rest is an anticipation of the rest we long-for in Heaven and a time for us to recoup our energy so that we may be more effective in the work we have been called to perform.   May each Sunday be for each of us, the time to encounter Jesus, risen and glorified, so that we can experience here on earth what awaits us above, where Christ is, sitting at God’s right hand.

God bless you!

Msgr Kevin Hale