Twelfth Sunday of the Year


Dear friends in Christ

The theme of the liturgical Readings this weekend could well be described as calmness in the face of difficulties.  We hear of the trials of Job and in the Gospel the storm on the Lake which Jesus calms.  We can so easily get agitated when the problems and of life confront us.  At these moments the disciples give us a model prayer and aspiration: Save us Lord, or we shall perish!  Jesus always wants to calm our souls and so will always respond to this prayer with his comforting words: Peace. Be still!.  When difficulties, trials and temptations threaten to flatten us, we can turn with confident prayer to our Lord with this prayer; and Jesus, who never sleeps, but is waiting to hear from us, will calm the terms of life.

We receive many requests for Masses in the Parish Office, so please be patient, as there is only one Mass daily and it may not always be possible to have a Mass offered on a particular date requested.  If you are booking Mass for an anniversary or some occasion, it is advisable to send-it-in well in advance.  If you are happy for a Mass to be celebrated elsewhere, then these can be sent to other Parishes or to the Missions where often priests may not have enough Mass intentions of their own; this way the Mass can be offered sooner.  It is helpful if you can use one of the envelopes provided at the back of church when requesting Masses.  There is no charge for a Mass, but it is customary to make an offering.  This has several purposes: to associate oneself with the offering of the Mass by making a pecuniary sacrifice; helping to defray the expenses of the elements used for the liturgy; and providing a stipend for the priest who celebrates.  The general guideline for this was that it should be an amount sufficient to keep a priest for one day!  Thank you for the generous way in which you show charity for the Departed - as well as the living! - by the many requests we receive for Masses.  With every blessing!

Msgr Kevin Hale