Sixteenth Sunday of the Year


Dear friends in Christ

The Gospel of this Sunday shows Jesus’ concern for His disciples, tired out as they are after their apostolic work of preaching in the towns and villages.  So He asks them to Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest awhile.  Even Jesus and the disciples need their time-apart for rest and recuperation.   God wills that as far as we ourselves are concerned we should take care to be in good physical as well as spiritual health, because much is expected of us.  Whatever our occupation or state in life we need to rest like good Christians, in the first place by sanctifying our loss of energy and loving God in our tiredness, especially when circumstances force us to work with a break for long periods of time.  I often think of parents with their family where there isn’t any let-up in the constant daily routine.  In situations of this kind we can draw special comfort from having recourse to Christ, who Himself so often ended the day exhausted and in need of sleep and rest.  These thoughts come to mind as we begin the slower pace of the Summer holidays.   Our Schools and Colleges have now closed for the long vacation and, as many of you begin to head-off for a well-earned break, we remind ourselves of the importance of including God in all of our holiday plans: Sunday Mass, daily prayer and activities that in everything give glory to God.  I wish you all a happy Summer season, rest from normal activity and a renewal of life both personal and in the family.

Msgr Kevin Hale