Twenty-sixth Sunday


Dear friends in Christ

The liturgical readings for this Sunday speak to us of the extension of the Kingdom of Christ. Every circumstance in life is an opportunity for bringing this about. As the Second Vatican Council said:

Wherever God opens a door for the word in order to declare the mystery of Christ, then the living God, and He whom He has sent for the salvation of all, Jesus Christ, are confidently and perseveringly proclaimed to all men
Ad Gentes 13

Many people depend upon our word and example if they are to receive the grace to see and follow Christ. We who have received the gift of faith should always feel the need to share it. This effort should be a prime motivation of our life. The apostolic mission of the Church is not the preserve of the Clergy, or specially commissioned groups; it is the task of every Christian. With the lives of the first Christians as our model, we should examine the actuality of our apostolate in the midst of the world. We can keep in mind the words of the Gospel this Sunday: If anyone gives you a cup of water to drink, just because you belong to Christ, then I tell you solemnly, he will most certainly not lose his reward. What will be the Lord’s reward for us if we bring many souls to him?

With these thoughts in mind, next weekend I have invited Survive-Miva to the Parish to tell us something of the important work they do in providing transport in missionary parts of the world. I hope this, our annual Mission Appeal, will inspire us to see and understand how much the Church struggles in other parts of the world and how by our practical charity we can help our brothers and sisters in the Faith come to live fuller lives in Christ and His Church. God bless you all!

Msgr Kevin Hale