Serving the Homeless

This Sunday is National Homelessness Sunday. Please remember in your prayers all those that are homeless, in temporary accommodation or who live in fear of losing their home.
Next Sunday there will be a collection in aid of ‘Serving the Homeless’ to support the local projects that we work with. This month we have already been able to give £3,000 to Southend YMCA to prepare and furnish three more rooms for their young clients. Many of these young people have come out of care and have no family support at all. We are also continuing to support HARP’s training programmes that help to integrate homeless people back into the community and teach them new skills. We are also continuing to spend £100 per month on fresh meat, milk and cheese for the day and night shelters run by HARP.
Please be as generous as you can, and thank-you again for the wonderful support that you have given us over many years.
Jo Ronan ( Chair Serving the Homeless)