Twenty-sixth Sunday of the Year


Dear friends in Christ

Today’s liturgy and readings remind us that an excessive concern for comfort and the things of this world will inevitably lead us to a neglect of God and neighbour. The Gospel records the parable about a man who fell into this very trap. Instead of winning Heaven through the use of his wealth, he lost it forever. At his door there was a poor man, Lazarus, who begged. The Lord contrasts two extreme conditions in this parable: vast wealth and tremendous need. Jesus says nothing about the possessions of the rich man but puts the entire emphasis on how they have been inappropriately used, mentioning only his opulent lifestyle. Lazarus was not even given his leftovers. This is the essence for the vice which is selfishness; forgetful of others, we seek only our own comfort and consolation. Our life on earth is a testing ground for our generosity. It may be our time, possessions or our talents that we can use for the good of the Church and society. We are asked thus to examine ourselves on our level of detachment and self-giving. Faithfulness to Jesus Christ means we will have Him for all eternity. Our aim is to live so as to possess the only treasure, which is the Divine Love of God.

Following my three introductory Talks on the Faith, each Monday from now until Easter we shall continue as usual with our ABC Course: About Being Catholic. This is primarily intended for all those seeking to discover more about our holy Faith with the hopeful view of entering the life of the Church through the Sacraments at Easter. Do come along if you just want to deepen your knowledge of the Catholic Faith or bring along someone who may be interested. Each Monday evening there is a presentation of a particular element of the Faith from the Creed, to the Sacraments, to Christian living; there is some media input and ends with introducing a way of praying. This Monday there will be a tour of the church. God bless you!

Msgr Kevin Hale