Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in christ

I would very much like to repeat my gratitude, which I expressed at the end of the Masses last weekend, for all the graces and blessings received during our Parish Mission. Most of the great moments of that week were unseen: the prayers, the sacrifices, conversions and Confessions made… and I have been touched by the many personal witnesses of how the grace of God touched our lives.  It is for us now to continue in faith so that we capitalise on what we have received.  For those who were unable to attend the exercises of the Mission, the Sermons are available as podcasts on the Parish website. Also, there are a number of images of the liturgies during the week, which I hope will help us relive and keep the memory of those days.  Thank you Fr Hugh and Fr Stephen for your generous time and giving to our Parish Family! Even though the Mission is over it would be good if we continued to pray the Mission Prayer as part of our daily devotions; it will remind us of the basics. 

The Readings of the Mass this weekend tell us something about our civic duties. As good Christians we must also be good citizens of the State. This means that we have a moral duty to obey our laws and also pray for those who exercise civil authority over us. Obviously the State does not enjoy absolute power over us.  As Christians we have the obligation of rendering to the State whatever material and personal services are required for the common good.  For their part, the State must govern with the greatest respect for the natural law and the rights of people. This includes the protection of life from the moment of conception, defence of the family, religious freedom, the rights of parents regarding the education of their children and so on.  Render to God the things of God. The Lord is the life of every person from conception to death; he has made holy our life at every stage.  Our entire life is for the Lord and everything in it.  We ask for the intercession of Our Lady to give us the joy of knowing that we are children of God.  May she help us, especially through the prayer of the Holy Rosary in this month, to realise our human responsibilities in every area of life here on earth.  God bless you!

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