Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ

The words of Jesus in the Gospel this Sunday are an invitation to live charity beyond the limits that people generally place on it. There is nothing in our human nature which makes us more like Christ than practising meekness and patience after His own Heart.  St John Chrysostom suggests: let us seek mainly those things that benefit our neighbour in the things of this world no one lives for himself; the craftsman, the soldier, the farmer, the merchant; all without exception contribute to the common good and to the good of their neighbour. This happens even more fully in the spiritual life, which is the true life. He who lives only for himself and despises his neighbour is useless, is not a man, does not belong to our lineage.

Charity makes us understanding, ready to forgive, fit to live alongside everyone so that those who think and act differently from us in social, political and even in religious matters, will also have a claim on our respect and charity.

As Christians we are called upon to have hearts like the Heart of Christ; that means going beyond what is merely kind and polite and loving with magnanimity and indulgence; not being naive, but whilst exercising prudence and justice, being the loving face of Christ in the world.

May God bless you!

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