Please pray for the dead on their Anniversaries

Fr Simon Sullivan, Fr Myles O’Reilly, Fr Brian O‘Higgins, Gladys Watts, Arnold Kyrke-Smith, Thelma Chambers, Michael Abbott, Dorothy (Dolly) Thorp, Mary Johnson, Mary Bartley, Tony Pycraft, John Heaphy, Minnie Smith, Elizabeth White, Vincent Hurley, Audrey Lewis, Phyllis Tate, Mary Butt, Eric Pearson, Vera de Souza, Elsie Robinson mary Fitzgerald, Arthur Bartley, Margaret Makey, Christopher Downall, Tom Skellon, Patricia Burles, Pauline Kidney, Margaret Ashley, Rose Faulkner, Jeremiah Lucey and Frank Mansfield.
May their Souls & the Souls of all the Faithful Departed rest in peace.