Easter Sunday

Dear Friends in Christ

A blessed and happy Easter to you all!

All of the efforts of our Lenten prayer and good works, the whole of Christian life indeed, comes to a completion and fulfilment in the mystery of Jesus risen from the dead.  This truth and historical fact of the Resurrection of Jesus is celebrated throughout the Church for the coming fifty days until Pentecost.  During this period we shall hear Jesus talking to the Disciples and instructing them. It is a period of joy characterised by the Christian virtue of hope; our hope of Heaven.  We welcome and and pray for those who received the Sacraments for this first time this Easter:   Philip Ayers, Aaron Burns, Lars Davidssen, 

Stephen Lowton, James Meek, Emma Smith and Paul Tait.  We pray that they may persevere in faith and discipleship of Our Lord all the days of their lives. May we all continue to grow in Faith during these days of Eastertide and bring His light and life to the people around us. God bless you all!

Msgr Kevin Hale

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