Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in christ

This Sunday's Gospel recounts the request made by the Apostles James and John: they wanted to hold places of honour in His Kingdom. Jesus used the opportunity to teach them a lesson in service:  I have come not to be served but to serve. His whole life was a service to others. His doctrine is a constant appeal to mankind to forget self and live for others. He went throughout Palestine serving each person He met along the way.  The Church is the continuation of His saving mission in this world.  Her very reason for existing is to serve mankind through the preaching of the Word and celebration of the Sacraments. As Pope St Paul VI (who was canonised last Sunday) said: Sharing the noblest aspirations of men and suffering where She sees them not satisfied  she wishes to help them attain their full flowering, and that is why She offers men what She posses as her characteristic attribute - a global vision of man and of the human race. As we seek to imitate the Lord, we stand also ready to serve, not expecting anything in return. We have to serve even those - especially those - who do not appreciate our help.  This is to make us truly Christ-like in our discipleship.  By this way of living, we will indeed inherit the place of honour in God’s Kingdom one day in Heaven!

In this month of the Holy Rosary, with Mary’s prayers, may we continue to be generous, selfless disciples, of the Lord.

God bless bless you!

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