Thank you! From Serving the Homeless

The committee of ‘Serving the Homeless’ would like to extend their thanks and Christmas greetings to all who have supported our work this year. With the help of your donations, participation in events and membership of the 200 Club, we have been able to:

Spend £200 per month on fresh meat, milk and cheese to provide meals at all the properties run by HARP, as well as an annual amount of £3,500 for their transition programmes, helping clients learn skills and find work. HARP now house 174 clients.

Collect large amounts of dried foods and clothing and toiletries from participating churches each week to be given to HARP clients.

Provide £1500 for an industrial dishwasher for the night shelter.

Provide £500 to a new initiative, “Off the Streets”

Provide £1000 to Sacred Heart Church, to purchase 20 sleeping bags, bag liners, roll mats, pillows, pillow cases and fleece blankets, set up a new night shelter & £200 worth of underwear.

Provide donations to Oasis Café, Leigh to buy ‘suspended’ meals for the homeless.

Provided £4000 to Southend YMCA for their building programme, £500 to support their Youth Awards and £1000 for new bedding.

Provided Christmas bags of ‘goodies’ to the 40 young people who live at, and are looked after by, Southend YMCA. ( All aged 17-21)                       

In all we have spent £15,000 on your behalf this year.

Our next event is a ‘Sunday‘ Lunch’ by Affinity, at Park View Rooms, Chalkwell,  at 12.30 on Sunday 27th January. Tickets cost £20 and can be purchased by calling Linda Wall, 558217.