Evangelisation & Forming Intentional Disciples

On Tuesday we reached the culmination of our Forming Intentional Disciples initiative with a meeting to discuss how the journey had affected us both as individuals and as a group. We acknowledged that learning more about the way we live our faith, how we approach our prayer lives and other people had changed and that we felt inspired to do more to put Christ at the centre of our lives and at the centre of our Parish family. We agreed that we want to share this with all our Parish family as well as with others in our community. In order to begin to achieve this, we are setting up a Parish Evangelisation Team, which will meet on a monthly basis to consider varied ways in which we can pray, learn and grow in faith together in our Parish, but also reach out to lapsed Catholics and those who might be interested in finding out more about our beautiful Catholic faith. This team is open to every single member of our Parish family whether you have been to the Forming Intentional Disciples meetings or not. It will be firmly rooted in sound Catholic teaching and overseen by Fr. Kevin. It will meet on the first Thursday of each month, starting on the 7th of June at 8pm in the Clement Room to discuss and organise different projects in the Parish for faith formation and evangelisation. It will provide a hub for knowledge about all the areas of outreach in our Parish that already exist, as well as a forum for training, building knowledge, support and a springboard for new ideas and projects. We are all very excited as we move forward with this plan and really hope to see you on the 7th June!