Sixth Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends in christ

Well done everyone who braved the cold last Sunday afternoon for the 

Rosary on the Coast which we prayed on Chalkwell beach. There was a really heartening gathering from the local Parishes, and beyond (including one coach-load from NW London!) praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary for Faith, Life and Peace in our Country.  We prayed looking across the water to the Isle of Thanet in Kent, where St Augustine arrived in 597 with monks from Rome, sent by Pope St Gregory, bringing the Gospel to these shores. Thank God for this beautiful act of witness, prayer and evangelisation!

On Thursday we celebrate The Ascension of Our Lord to Heaven. This mystery of Jesus’ life concludes and completes the time he spent on earth after His Resurrection. The Ascension is one of the two recently restored Holydays of Obligation in the year (the Epiphany is the other) and a Day when we celebrate by attending Holy Mass. Our culture of Faith is diminishing all of the time, due to the increasingly secular environment in which we live. It requires constant vigilance and unremitting work to ensure that we continue to swim in the warming waters of a culture of Faith. Living and celebrating the festivals of the Church is one of the ways we maintain this; so even if we are working we can find a church near us wherein we can participate in the Mass on these Holydays. The Ascension of Jesus draws our vision upwards to where Jesus has gone before us, and is seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding and waiting for us.

In this month, dedicated to Mary, may God and His Blessed Mother assist and bless us always!

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