Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Evangelisation Team

The first meeting of the Parish Evangelisation Team (PET) was held on Thursday, 7th June, with thirty parishioners attending. One objective of the PET is to help strengthen the faith and formation of those present and to this end we started with a short, informative talk on our need to pray if we seek to deepen our relationship with God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Another PET objective is to encourage us in identifying opportunities to share our faith with others and some members described the ordinary, everyday situations they had taken to share their faith along with a hand of friendship. Congratulated were the organisers of our parish Flower Festival (Saturday 16th June) for initiating this occasion with its intention of drawing newcomers into our beautiful church, hopefully sowing seeds of curiosity, maybe faith! Since we have all received the Lord’s command , ‘Go make disciples of all nations..’, all parishioners are considered members of the PET and all are invited to its meetings, to be held in the Parish Centre on the first Thursday of each month (with the exception of August), 8-9pm.
Next meeting: Thursday, 5th July.