Fourteenth Sunday in ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ

Many of us are beginning to wind-down at this time for the Summer break. If we are involved with education and young people, it is a time to look-back over the last year and review the many activities that have taken place. On Thursday evening we shall have our Primary School Leavers Mass here in the church, which provides the opportunity to thank God for all that our young people have received throughout their years at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School.  We thank the Staff and Governors who, day-by-day, contribute to the good working of our Catholic Schools. We shouldn't take for granted our Schools: there may come a time in the future when we may not be so fortunate, so our support for Catholic Education now is as important as it ever was. 

During the Sumer vacation, let us not forget the weekly duty we have to God. Sunday Mass lies at the source and pinnacle of all that we are and do. Without weekly Mass we cannot function as we ought: as members of the Church and children of God. If we are travelling abroad or in other parts of these Islands, we ought to factor-in the time for Sunday Mass. This can be easily done these days and there are some very useful Apps that can be downloaded on to your ‘phone which allow you to research times of Mass in different parts of the country and world. The national Catholic Directory is on-line too.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Parish Annual Meeting and Garden Party last week. As I said then, we are all grateful to the many members of the Parish Family who carry-out roles and duties, seen and unseen; it is all of this collaboration that allows the efficient and smooth-running of a busy thriving Parish! Thank you to all who made the evening an enjoyable social event. God bless you all!

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