Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in christ

We are continuing during these months of Summer our reading of the sixth chapter of St John’s Gospel; the discourse known as The Bread of Life. During Mass the Homilies are reflecting on the elements that make-up the Holy Mass and this week I will say something about the Offertory or Presentation of the Gifts, and how this all has a meaning which connects in a very tangible way with our lives and the way we can make of ourselves an offering to God on the Altar at Mass.

This Wednesday - 15th - is the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. We celebrate the truth that at the end of her life on earth, Mary was taken (Assumed) body and soul into the glory of Heaven. God loved His Mother so much that He did not allow her body to experience the decay which comes with death, but wished her to be with Him in Heaven immediately. As we come to Mass on Wednesday - which is a Holyday of Obligation - we can ask Mary’s prayers, that we, after our death, may come quickly into the joys of Heaven to be with God and with her who is Causa Nostræ Lætitiæ…Cause of our Joy!

God bless you!

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