Please Pray for the Dead on their anniversaries

Fr John King, Fr Gilbert Basil Pearson, Fr Neville Banks, Fr Kenneth Green, Canon Charles Kuypers, Mgr Canon David Donnelly, Mabel Payne, Joe de Lobel, Leslie Murray, Derrick Whithil-Smith, Mary Cooper, Tim McCarthy, Lily Johnson, Eileen Watson, Georges Egidio, Dr Robert Clark, Catherine Mills,  Pat Rogers, Patricia Manning, Eric Major, John Mayo, Anna Sokl, Elsie Nicol, Rose-Margaret Gilbert, Mary Ann Foley, Nancy Hume, Annie Shea, Gordon Wallen, Brigid Connolly, Violet Read, Gabriel Craven, Patrick Connolly, Brenda Campbell, Breeda Hayes, Germaine Cave-Palmer, Robert Garson-Gratidge, Bridget Kelly, Maud Reddy, Catherine Woods, Eugene Regan, Barry Anderson, Anne Ryan & Bernard Leonard.

May their Souls & the Souls of all the Faithful Departed rest in peace.