Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in christ

When we come to Holy Mass, we stand in an attitude of watchfulness to hear the Gospel as it is proclaimed. We begin the reading of St Luke’s Gospel this weekend. It is the Good News about Jesus Christ because it brings us the hope of salvation. We know and we believe that in the Gospel God Himself is really speaking to us. St Augustine gives us some lovely advice which may help us: We must not say ‘happy were those who could see Him’, for many of those who saw Him crucified Him, and many of those who have not seen Him believed in Him.The very words that came from the Lord’s lips were written down and kept and preserved for us. We can only love someone we know. In order to get to know Christ better we read the Gospels. The Gospels teach us to see Him as the Apostles saw Him, to observe His reactions, to watch the way He behaved and listen to His words which were always filled with wisdom and authority. The Gospels show Him to us on some occasions moved with compassion at the plight of people in misery. At other times they show Him full of understanding for sinners, or firm with the Pharisees who are presenting a false image of their religion. He is full of patience with those disciples who so often do not grasp the meaning of His words. If we read the Gospel and listen to His words in this way, then we shall indeed get to know Christ better, and knowing Him, love Him ever more profoundly.

God bless you!

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