St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) 'Awareness Month' 2019

The SVP offers practical care by visiting people in need. This is one way we can put our Faith into action! Presently, we are particularly mindful of members of our parish living now in local care homes who may have lost touch with our local Catholic community. If you know of these - or indeed any others - who would benefit from and welcome a visit from a friendly face then please let us know and we will seek to assist if we can within the scope of the current membership. In the not too distant future we will begin planning our Christmas Social for senior members of the parish community! If you are not already on our guest list but would like to be included or if you know of someone who might enjoy this very sociable, festive gathering, please contact Francis O’Brien on 01702 552373. Our Annual Appeal to parishioners’ for their financial support will be made after all Masses in the parish next weekend! SVP ‘Gift Aid’ envelopes are available at the back of the Church if you are able to increase the value of your donation in this way.