Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ 

The Christian life consists in carrying-out many small acts of service using the gifts and talents we have been given. Each one of us is given what God knows we need for this life; the crucial part is, that we know how to use what we have for the glory of God and benefit of others. The man who can be trusted in little things will be trusted in great.  In the Parable of the dishonest steward  (longer version of this Sunday's Gospel) Jesus commends the astuteness of the dishonest steward, because he considers his future security. St Augustine asks: Why did the Lord propose this parable? Not because that servant was a model for us to imitate.  Nonetheless, the worldly-wise steward had an eye on the future. So too should the Christian have this determination to secure his eternal reward. If not, the steward puts him to shame. God can perform the greatest miracles even with our perceived inadequacy. If we believe and trust in the power of grace, we will never be daunted by the apparent obstacles along the way.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul have their Awareness Month each year in September and one of the members of our Parish Conference will be addressing a few words to us this weekend about their works and asking for our charitable help; we continue to support them in prayer and in deed!

God bless you!

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