St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) 'Awareness Month' 2019

The focus of our work at the St Vincent de Paul Society is visiting and befriending people living in loneliness, isolation or poverty.  The people we visit could be refugees, the elderly, the homeless, people staying in hospital or care homes, people with mental health issues or offenders. Conference members work on the ground level, face to face with the people they help. Here are a few statistics highlighting the work of SVP Conferences nationally:-

Last year almost 10,000 members helped 80,000 beneficiaries.
Over 28,000 of the people we visited were the elderly in their own homes.
Across the Society members made 430,000 visits.

Our Annual Appeal to parishioners’ for their financial support will be made at Masses in the parish on 21st & 22nd September; SVP ‘Gift Aid’ envelopes are available at the back of the Church if you are able to increase the value of your donation in this way.  If you would like to know more about the SVP or if you are interested in joining the Society, please get in touch with Francis O’Brien, Tel 01702-552373